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What we do

We are a group of developers with years of experience in Filemaker solutions .
We work together to increase synergies and take advantage of knowledges to improve our developments and to give better assistance and security to our customers and create solutions Filemaker with the last technologies, of easy and intuitive use, accessible since different platforms and and adapted to the needs of each customer.

We create custom applications adapted to customer workflow and needs of information and that can grow as new requirements are needed.
Filemaker allow to automate and optimise processes, facilitate the access the information, host the solutions in the cloud allowing the integration with different systems, access from different platforms, ( Mac, Windows, IOS, Web ) and publish data via Web.

Integration with other services and systems using technologies as WebServices, RestAPI, ODBC , PHP, Javascript ….
Integration with accounting software, e-invoices, integration with email campaigns …..

We have solutions already developed and adaptable to your business: ERP, CRM, TPV, medical applications……

For existing FileMaker solutions (either created by us or another team), we offer the customer support and maintenance to continue expanding the functionality of the solution.

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Who we are

Victor Sanjuan
FBA - Filemaker 13 Certification

Businessman in the leather and real estate sectors, he began working with Filemaker version 3 in the early 1990s by developing personalized databases for the management of his own companies. Following the economic crisis, he decided to dedicate himself professionally to programming and developing custom apps with Filemaker for other companies, taking advantage of his knowledge and experience in business management.

Joan Subirós
FBA - Filemaker 12 Certification

Industrial engineer and post graduate in industrial automation, began contacting FileMaker version 5 in the mid-90s to develop a database, from the high voltage towers of Catalonia, to the company REE. In all the companies where he has worked as an engineer or Manager, he has always developed systems with FileMaker. After the 2007 crisis in Argentina, he decides to reinvent himself and begins to study how to make a living by developing databases. From then on he devotes himself to the programming and development to make custom APPs with FileMaker.

Josep Vidal

Filemaker Programmer
Commercial agent for many years. In 1992, it began in the world of FileMaker to develop its own databases for commercial management.
In 2012 he left his business and decided to take advantage of his experience with FilemaKer to devote himself entirely to programming for companies and professionals.

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Filemaker 13 Certified Developer
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filemaker developer suscription
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